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Updates for ​March 1, 2024

Hello fabulous Toe Bean clients!

I have been playing catch up this week after attending the cat grooming seminar in Austin. So many of you have reached out to ask how the seminar went and I so thank you for that! I learned a lot about my business, how to reach my goals, and spent time bonding with other cat groomers from all over. I picked up some great products and new techniques that I have already had a chance to use and a few more tools and products that wont get to me until I think next week.

I, like many others this time of year, am looking at our previous year in numbers, supplies, and everyone's favorite, taxes! After evaluating everything from last year and looking ahead to this year I will be increasing all my base service packages by $10, this will go into effect for current clients April 1, 2024 and is going into place for new clients immediately. This will not increase any add-ons, extras, or nail services. I fully understand this may raise questions. Feel free to reach out with any concerns, to alter appointments, or to ask any questions about your upcoming scheduled services.

We are thankful for every single one of you and Toe Beans will continue to provide the highest level of care to your feline friends, using only high quality, cat safe products. There will be more changes to come over the next couple months and some will be more exciting than others, but this was the first and the most important to allow Toe Beans to continue to grow and support the local feline community!

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